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How to protect your Drive/Flash USB Drive (Pen Drive) with Password without using any software

1. Right click on drive/flash usb drive, which you want to protect
2. Then click on "Turn on BitLocker"
3. select "Use a password to unlock the drive"
4. Enter your password and reenter your password
5. Then click on "Next"
6. Click on "Save to a file" ( Here you can save your recovery key for future )
7. Then click on "Next"
8. Select "Encrypt used disk space only" or "Encrypt entire drive"
9. Then click on "Next"
10. click on "Start encrypting"
11. When Encryption is complete, then restart your PC

*For Windows 7, Windows 8 etc

Protect your facebook account from Unauthorised

1. Goto Account Menu 
2. Next click on Account Setting
3. In Security tab, click on Login Notifications
4. Select Email, Text Message/Push Notification
5. Add a Phone number ( in add a phone dialog box )
6. Click on Coninue
(you got a message “conformation code” on your mobile)
7. Next Enter Your conformation code and continue
8. Then click on Save Change

How to play youtube without buffering in 2g

1. Open
2. Play any video
3. Then replace www to m i.e
4. And hit Enter
5. Next right click on that video, copy link address
6. Now open VLC player
7. Goto Open network stream ( in Media menu )
8. Next paste that link ( in please enter a network URL )
9. Then click on Play

!!Now enjoy with your video…..

Operate arrow/cursor without mouse

1. Open Control panel
2. Click on Ease of Access
3. Click on Change how your mouse works
4. Select Turn on Mouse Key
5. Apply and OK

*On Num Lock to enable it….

How to add image as icon in Pendrive?

1. Convert picture(.jpg, .bmp etc) into icon(.ico) through icon maker and copy to pendrive
2. Open notepad and type
icon=softtechsolving.ico //here softtechsolving is pic name
3. Save it as autorun.inf in your pendrive
4. Unplug the drive and plug it back in and you should be able to see your custom icon.

How to add image in background of mp3 music?

1. Play mp3 music on RealPlayer
2. Go to Clip info (in File Menu )
3. Insert Picture(size<=100kb) (click browse and choose picture)
4. Ok

Dell Inspiron DUO flipping tablet - an amazing hybrid netbook and tablet

The 10-inch screens serves as both the display for the typical notebook setup as well as a detachable tablet (via a swiveling hinge). It contains Intel’s dual-core Atom N550 processor and runs Windows 7 Home Premium instead of Android. Considering Dell envisions the Inspiron Duo serving two masters — entertainment  via the tablet and productivity via the physical keyboard — Windows makes sense, though it remains to be seen if performance will be an issue for the device.
Dell is promising the Inspiron Duo will be available later this year, though no pricing has been revealed. It’s clearly gunning for one of the iPad’s biggest weaknesses —

How to create bootable pendrive using DOS

100% working

Step A:
1. Insert your pendrive
2. Open command prompt (Windows+r then type cmd)
3. Type DISKPART and hit enter ( a new window will appear)
Now type the following commands:-
4. LIST DISK and hit enter ( it will show the disk number of your USB drive)
5. SELECT DISK 2 and hit enter ( replace DISK 2 with your USB Drive number e.g Select disk 1)
6. CLEAN and hit enter